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Remember to change the A/C filter every month

The holidays are over, resolutions set and it’s time to start making the most of the New Year. So why is my Christmas tree still up? The most recent excuse, er reason, is that it gets dark so early and the tree gives much needed light! As you might have guessed my tree is fake. It...
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Prevent Water Leaks Part 2 – Replace Old Caulk

Our office has wonderful windows that I often use as a whiteboard. The colorful scrawl jolts my brain out of its fog. George doesn’t share my sense of whimsy. So, I cleaned the inside of the windows which, of course, made the outside dirt more obvious. Stepping back to admire the clean outside windows, I saw the...
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Prevent Water Leaks Part 1 – Check Water Shut-off Valves

Last week George was at an estate property in Lake Worth.Water shut-off valve to toilet. The buyer’s home inspector found mold, so the seller called us to remediate and save the sale. While there, an original water valve from 1988 flew off and hit George square in the chest! Yes, our guys acted fast and...
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