Prevent Water Leaks Part 1 – Check Water Shut-off Valves

Last week George was at an estate property in Lake Worth.Water shut-off valve to toilet. The buyer’s home inspector found mold, so the seller called us to remediate and save the sale. While there, an original water valve from 1988 flew off and hit George square in the chest! Yes, our guys acted fast and shut off the water main. But imagine if we hadn’t been there: with the owners in Connecticut, hundreds of gallons of water would have flooded the home and nobody would have known until it poured out the front door! I do believe God works in mysterious ways. In this case, a $10 water valve failed at just the right time to save a million dollar sale!
Now is the time to ensure that your water shut-off valves actually shut off the water! Lets face it, how often do you really use a shut-off valve? Do you even know where they are? Depending on when your home was built, and when it was last updated, you may only have one by the garden hose!
Nowadays most homes have a water shut-off valve by each toilet, as well as separate hot- and cold-water shut-offs by each faucet. There is also a main water shut-off for the house or condo. If you don’t know where your is, take a few moments to find the main water shut-off for the house or contact your building manager to find out.
So how do you check if a valve is working? For a toilet, flush the toilet then immediately turn the valve clockwise. You should hear the water stop filling the tank. If the water keeps running, or if the valve starts to drip, its time to replace the it. If the valve is working, rotate it counter-clockwise to resume the flow of water.
For each faucet you’ll have two valves: one hot and one cold. With the cold water running, turn the cold water valve clockwise and the water should stop flowing out the faucet. If it doesn’t, or if the valve starts to drip, its time to replace it. Do the same with the hot water.
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