Can I just paint over the mold or water stain with Kilz?

George says: Sure, but that is just a band aid. The first thing to do with any water damage or mold issue is to find out where the moisture is coming from and fix it. Once the source of the moisture is gone, then we repair or replace the damaged building materials. While painting over a water stain is common, it’s not a good idea. First, drywall is just gypsum powder compressed between two pieces of paper, so when drywall gets wet it softens then starts to crumble as it dries. Drywall that gets wet and dry several times will literally fall apart. Paint may hold it together a bit longer, but is a temporary fix. Second, we need to make sure there is not mold on the back side of the drywall, which could continue to grow and spread to other building materials. Hiding a problem is never smart. Fix it right and you’ll sleep a whole lot better.

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