Can I just use bleach to clean up mold?

George says: Household cleaners with chlorine can kill mold and bacteria on non-porous surfaces such as tile floors or countertops. However, most non-porous surfaces are held in place by porous materials such as glue, grout, wood framing, glazing compounds. These porous compounds are where we usually see mold growth because they absorb water, surface mold and bacteria. Using bleach on grout, for example, will kill the surface mold but the water which carries the chlorine will force mold spores further into the grout. Mold will often resurface in about three weeks. By repeatedly forcing the mold deeper into the grout, the wood supporting the tile eventually gets wet and molds. The best way to avoid mold on grout is to seal the grout and tile according to manufacturer instructions when it’s installed. Regular maintenance will be needed to ensure a continuous seal.

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