Time to Put Fresh Batteries in the Thermostat

It's the end of daylight savings time again. We all know the drill: when we change the clocks, we should change the batteries in the smoke detector. That’s sage advice. But did you know that modern thermostats have batteries, too?

If you’re like me, it wasn’t even on my radar. I grew up with a round mercury thermostat that controlled the furnace in the basement. I didn’t even know our air conditioner thermostat had a battery until I came home and wondered why was the house so hot?!? Thank God I was only out for a few hours.

Recently, one of our New York customers was not so lucky. Can you imagine the moldy mess she found after being gone all summer with the A/C out because the thermostat batteries died? Yes, her tennis clothes, golf bag, furniture and family photos were all covered with fuzzy green mold.  Suddenly, her fun Florida vacation turned into a stressful event.

So, save yourself the headache…and the heartache. Spend a few bucks on new batteries now and replace them every 6 months.

BTW, when was the last time you changed that a/c filter? Don't wait for a more convenient time. Do it now.

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