Toxic mold in Wellington: Families scramble to find new housing

Wellington officials bring in expert George Vincent to help families with toxic mold

Stachybotrys - commonly known as black toxic mold - recently displaced four Wellington families from their home. Realizing they didn't have the expertise on staff, Village of Wellington inspectors brought in expert George Vincent to help.

It’s an all-too-common story: A tenant gets settled in a new place then starts seeing signs of water damage, like water stains starting to show through fresh paint. Then they start smelling mold. At first the odor is only in one room, but as the weeks go by, the mold smell permeates the whole house.

Wellington Cares

This is what happened in Wellington. The tenant called the Village of Wellington for help and they responded. Kudos to Wellington! When their inspectors arrived, they knew something wasn’t quite right. But they also realized they didn’t have the expertise on staff to address this problem.

So, they called in expert George Vincent, the Real mold guy! to detect leaks and identify the cause of the visible mold. “Finding the source of moisture and stopping it is always the first step before mold remediation” said Vincent.  Wellington also brought in mold assessor Brad Fishbein to collect air and surface samples to see if the substance on the walls was really toxic mold. And it was.

The Lab Confirms Toxic Mold

When the lab results confirmed the presence of stachybotrys, among other high spore counts, the Village of Wellington posted a notice that the building was not safe and the tenants were to vacate immediately.  “What bothers me the most? It’s preventable” said Vincent.

This is one of those good news-bad news situations. The good news is the Village of Wellington stepped up to protect four families in their community. The bad news is those families now need to find a new place to live.


The village says four units in a multi-family Wellington home are uninhabitable.

Source: Toxic mold in Wellington: Families scramble to find new housing

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