Philosophy & Mission

Big Sky Environmental Solutions LLC does business as the Real mold guy! in southeast Florida. We provide state of the art water leak detection, mold remediation and mold prevention services to residential and commercial customers.

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Our mission is to help customers regain confidence in their indoor spaces as a healthy environment by providing professional, honest, cost effective and environmentally friendly leak detection, mold remediation and prevention.


  • We protect our customers. We do what is in our customers’ best interest to truly solve the problem and protect their health, safety and property. Rest assured we’ll treat you and your property with respect.
  • We give you a healthy home. There’s a lot that goes into the air you breathe. So we don’t just get rid of mold, we alert you to existing and potential problems to help keep your indoor air clean. We’ve faced the health effects and property damage of mold first hand, so we can relate to our customers.
  • We enjoy an abundance mentality. We believe that there is always enough work to support us and our employees.
  • We treat people and their property with respect. We arrive on time, ready and able to work and expect our trade partners to do the same. In return we pay our bills in a timely manner. We expect our customers to be prepared for our work to begin and to pay their bills in full and on time.
  • We do the job right the first time. We spend time to thoroughly assess the damage, identify the cause of the problem and remediate according to industry standards. In the long run, this saves everyone time and money leads to happy customers who refer their friends and neighbors to us.
  • We invest in continuing education. We believe that keeping informed of the latest building science, building materials and new technologies benefits our customers by helping us diagnose the oft hidden causes of moisture and mold growth. Continuing education benefits our employees by building confidence, increasing their ability to help customers and helping them grow as people.
  • We educate our customers on how to avoid water damage and mold growth in the future. We believe that teaching customers how to prevent water damage and mold is worth the effort. It helps protect their investment and their health, and enables them to reclaim their home as their sanctuary.
  • We are a resource for construction trades. We believe that educating our trade partners on how to protect themselves when working around mold is good business and the right thing to do. We help general contractors reduce their liability by ensuring remediation done right.
  • We charge fair prices. We sustain a profitable business that will be here to serve the next person in need and to provide a suitable income for owners, employees and investors.
  • We believe in the American Spirit. We uphold the values of self-sufficiency, strength, perseverance, community and integrity. We are responsible for the well-being of ourselves and our families.