Irma Clean-up: 3 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Florida hidden by Irma!We’ve weathered Hurricane Irma and Jose took a detour, so it’s time to start cleaning up. Whew!

If you have or suspect significant water damage, likely you’ve already started. But beware South Florida: After events like this, pretty much anyone looking for a quick buck will show up in our area. So, before you sign on the dotted line, take a moment to think about it. Here’s an easy to protect yourself from untrained or unscrupulous contractors:

Ask these three simple questions

What work will be done?

Emotions are high and you’ll just want to get the job done. But, any professional contractor will write out what they are going to do. It is perfectly resonable for you to require a written detailed estimate. And you want details! If they are going to repair the roof, make sure they spell outwhat that means: do they plan to just throw a tarp up there or replace shingles or replace damaged roof sheathing and shingles? You deserve to know what is being done to your home.

How much will it cost?

In most cases an hourly rate or time and materials estimate is not appropriate. An experienced professional should be able to give you a firm price quote, or at least a narrow price range. If the damaged area is not accessible due to a hazard, then get a narrow price range or price quotes for different scenerios. For example, a tree fell through the roof and it’s not safe to enter the attic until the tree is removed. The roofer can’t see if the trusses are damaged. But, he can say the price to repair the roof would be X. If  he needs to reinforce or replace trusses, the cost would be X + Y.

When will the work be done?

This is very important. The last thing you want is to sign a contract then wait two months for work to start! Emergency repairs may be done right away but permanent repairs may take longer because there are so many people who need help. A shortage in building materials after natural disasters like Irma can also cause delays. So, ask when work will start and if the building materials are available.

We are not roofers but George Vincent, the Real mold guy! is a pro at pin-pointing the source of roof leaks. So, if you have a water leak or suspect water damage, call us to schedule a leak detection inspection in South Florida  561-693-8955

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